Scott Frick (Studio Owner/Manager, Engineer and Producer) is from Nashville, TN where he majored in Music Business at Belmont University. He has been a studio musician since the mid 80s. Scott has 40 years experience with performing, recording and songwriting. He is Vice-President of Frick Music and the independent record label - R.E.F. Records in Nashville. He has called West Monroe home for 15 years.

Gayle Hoover Frick (Studio Owner/Manager) is a West Monroe native. Having lived in Nashville for 5 years, she returned 'home' with Scott in 1996. She holds a BA in Speech-Communications from ULM (formerly NLU). She is a certified high school teacher and attended graduate school in Theatre Management. She has a diverse resume' including: marketing director for book/music publishing company, commercial/video performance credits, full-time music ministry, pageant coaching/directing, accredited film crew, print and radio broadcast advertising, video production, voice-over work, theatre directing, choreography, acting, costuming, and makeup.


Our Mission
When we set out to create a professional recording studio, we did so with several specific goals in mind:

First, we resolved to create a first-rate facility which we built from the ground up. This allowed us to create a sound tight recording space and a finely tuned control room--rich in artistic ambiance-- that would enable exceptional area and regional artists to record in an inspiring and comfortable, yet affordable creative environment.

Secondly, because of personal experience, we conceived MCS in West Monroe to serve as an option to avoid traveling to the "big city" (with its "big city" prices) which is quite a long distance, both physically and psychologically, from the artist's home (creating more unnecessary expense). In doing so, MCS will also be inviting and available to the new and upcoming artist in our region.

Thirdly, we have a reputation of "striving for excellence" in our community projects. From the architectural drawings to the smallest detail in construction, we have scrutinized every issue of design along with our team of professionals from inception. You can have confidence knowing this structure is built by artists- for artists.
Fourth, we wanted to be involved in a business venture where we could seriously exercise our personal music and creative interests. Scott continues, "after putting my desire for a full-time music career on hold, I was itching to get back to my Nashville roots and use my education from Belmont and experience as a songwriter, performer and session musician to not only feed my lifelong passion but also give back to my local business community." Gayle notes,"I feel I can be a terrific asset to this industry with my diverse talents, education and more than 30 years experience in vocal performance, acting, directing, and choreography." They agree, "owning and operating a recording studio just felt like the perfect fit!"


And finally, we both felt it was important to seize an opportunity to work in an environment where we could remain close to home and near our two boys. We believe that our facility is something the entire community can be proud of and we pray for your continued support and encouragement.

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